I’ve been talking about running a lot lately. Running from things, to things, both my body, mind, and especially heart. I’m starting what I hope to be a long term project re: female runners in the Middle East – since I’m in Lebanon, its starts here! I’m leaving Beirut for about 10 days for Eddie Adams Workshop and a dear friend’s wedding, but then I’ll be back to work on a few stories in mind.

Many photographers have told me to seek out stories re: things you are passionate about. Well, for me, one of those things is running. Its hard to explain the passion, obsession, deliverance, and power running has brought into my life. Some would say it brought me low, but I say in my lowest times it was the freedom and self-empowerment running (and more specifically, racing) brought, that allowed me to come to life again. My hope is by the end of this project, I can show in a group of women who are often seen through a lens of oppression and loss, in a new way: empowerment, a fighting spirit, and a new sort of freedom.



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