Its been a long long age since you left us
or was it me? Oh, its clear, it was me.
Oh it’s been years and years since you spoke out
or can’t I see? My clear sight has left me.
Its been an eternity for hidden,
hidden homeless huddled masses we’re one.
It’s been one voice of power for too long,
and we reach out but our hands are still closed,
closed forever to passing open hands.
And now you’re a stranger, once known, no more,
someone I used to know, oh used to know.
I am used you know, by the reckless hands
of my open reckless heart, now silent.
No more groanings for peace and poverty,
just the simple sign of our apathy.
Oh I am broken, do you remember,
who I used to be, a martyr for you?
Or so I thought, until I realized
I’ve been bought, though my worth amounts to naught,
no dollars, deeds, or debt. Open my eyes
give your breath, I’ll escape the fate of death.


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