On the Line

Around Christmas, one of my favorite lifestyle photographers posed a challenge: you must always remain fascinated with your work, even when you have no active ”work” going on. But one thing you always have is yourself – so Sarah Rhoads offered to her readers the Self Portrait Project – you send in a self-portrait, she’ll post it. Self-portraits are difficult, raw, honest. (Or a complete lie.) It can take an inner battle to portray yourself truthfully. Back in December I sent in a photo (#65) without much thought, but now I realize thats about how I felt, what I was learning, and how others probably viewed me at the time. A bit surprised, a bit tense, … you can judge.
I’ve felt life is flying by without much warning lately – the world is in chaos, there is destruction and rebuilding, hope for the revolutionaries but not much within natural disasters. We are constantly on the edge of life and death, the fine line between now and forever. I’ve always felt alive on that line: with life and death so palpable in places like India and Uganda, this fine line is a very powerful thing. I feel purposeful living on this line.
Finishing up my nursing education with an externship in an ICU and internship on a cardiac floor/ER has challenged me further to look at our place as citizens of a world with a continuous cycle of life and death. It occurs on a large scale so removed from us (disasters overseas), but so intimately in those around us and even within us. So this is my most recent self examination. My life, on the line.
Don’t worry HIPPA, its my heartbeat.

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