…melembe! This basic greeting – in the language of Luguisu can be heard throughout the eastern region of Uganda. This is usually accompanied with a smile, a hug, or a handshake, and tea if you are staying around.

My time is little and words must be few (internet is scarce and slooow) but I’ll fill you all in on whats been going on here in the Pearl of Africa.

We spent nearly a week at Uganda Christian University – meeting the students, touring the Masters Nursing Program, and spending time at Mulago – the national referral hospital – this was intense! Later, we spent 3 days with a local family, and I witnessed amazing public health work going on – they even asked me to take photos for their year-end update. Very exciting – I’ll post those later. Now we have been staying at Mission Moving Mountains, built a house today, and for the next 3 days will be at the pediatric CURE hospital.

So much time to think, so much to think about, and so little time to write about it because there is a line for the internet. You will see photos / hear more detail when I return!


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