Bolder Options & Help Portrait

As a part of the holiday season, I had the privilege to take photos for two great organizations. The first is Bolder Options, a youth-mentoring program based out of Minneapolis; my roommate Kayla was an intern and is currently a mentor at Bolder. Help Portrait began in one city as a way for photographers to give back to others who may need / want a portrait taken of themselves or their family. The video on their site explains it a bit better. Have a blessed day.


3 thoughts on “Bolder Options & Help Portrait

  1. You are absolutely amazing to me. I actually know you, though you do not know me; we have not met yet. While looking through your work the visual images are stunning, brilliant and professional, however where I am truly impressed is with the words you combine them with. Your captions, blog posts and writings assist in the the emotional connections linking the images together into a singular well done constellation. Hopefully I will be able to meet you sometime when I am at bethel in the future.

  2. I think I used my 50mm f1.4 nikkor the whole time. I may have used an 80 – 200 f2.8 also, but I don’t think so!


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