the book

If it was not for the last 5 minutes, the Book of Eli would have been a mediocre movie.
Movies never make me cry; but in light of my recent journey to Jordan and journey in faith, the final scenes really moved me. I shouldn’t need inspiration to become closer to God, but this definetly inspired me to dig into His word.

Ironically, the January 30th devo from My Utmost for His Highest further comforted me. One thing I have always struggled with is hearing God’s direction – where should I go, and is that voice I hear really from Him? Why should I listen to directions that would only cause another pain? I would gladly take on the pain of all those I care about to keep them from suffering…maybe that is why I chose to be a nurse, and why I cared so deeply for the people in India dying in Kalighat. So why should I choose to follow a voice that seemed illogical and painful? Because obediance is not always painless, thats why.

Though going back and reading my journals of 6th grade may be embarrassing, I recently found some of my 10th grade essays. Suprisingly, they are focused on things I am still passionate about today… hindsight is always 20/20.

Now you’ve got my feet on the life path,
all radiant from the shining of your face.
Ever since you took my hand,
I’m on the right way.” (p16:11)


2 thoughts on “the book

  1. Great!,,,I’m gonna watch it nd get back with my point of view 😉

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