we rush to leave, the door is locked. listen.

slow down. hold still.
its not as if its a matter of will
someones circling. somethings moving.
a little lower than the angels
and its got nothing to do with me.
the wind blows through the trees
but if i look for it it wont come,
i tense up, my mind goes numb.
theres nothing harder than learning how to recieve.                                 – over the rhine-

in the past couple years, i have calmed down. changed from completely type A
to a little more type B you could say. i listen more, talk less, especially when it comes
to God. but my patience remains less developed.  i love simply sitting at His feet in his
presence, but  when all i hear is  “look and listen” i become restless.

look closely. listen softly. He is there.

I love this http://www.photovoicesinternational.org/.


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