restless, listless, brainless…

I kind of feel like all of these things the past week. The first week being back I just recovered from my food poisoning, the second was mostly spent visitng friends, but this third week being home with nothing to do has been killer. The lack of commotion, noise, and activity which was present in India is kind of un nerving. I’ve tried to keep myself busy – writing, reading, playing guitar… I actually even started a garden!

Something is still missing though. All of my friends are still at school…and yet I find my self wavering between the desire to be alone and being lonely. One would think that with all this free time my relationship with God would be thriving… but its just surviving. I don’t want my live to be that – simply surviving in every way – I want to be able to show Christs extravagant love and live it out day to day.


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