a series of (un) fortunate events

How long has it been? It seems like ages, without time enough to breathe much less write! Right now, against everyones suggestions, I am in the middle of the desert. The dry 99 degrees right now doesn’t seem that hot compared to the humidity of Kolkata 😛 I wont tell you what I have planned mainly because my plans never tend to work out well and I tend to change them randomly! My couple days in Darjeeling was nice and relaxing after hiking around Sikkim – and soaking up more of the wonderfully kind Nepalese culture was great. I met a couple from america and a girl from Sweden and we went to Varanasi for a couple of days – it was SO crazy but SO fun. The tiny galis (alleyways) we scary and confusing, the ghats colorful and religious, the shops tiny and the people helpful. Being in such a holy city closing in on you from all sides was a crazy experience.  After that – we split up and they headed to Agra (I’ve seen the Taj already) and I was supposed to get off the train at Pushkar.

Lets just say a series of unfortunate events … plus my lack of sleep prevented this from happening. Ways to embarass yourself on a train in India.

Book sleeper as a female travelling alone.
Wear a dress on your upper berth so it gets caught and everyone sees your striped underwear.
Break the table between the seats by stepping on it.
Listen to the people who say the train is stopping for 10 minutes…get food…run after the train and hang on for dear life and finally jump in the wrong car…wait for train to stop and go back to your car.
Ask for a chai…have a woman bump into you and scald your face, chest and arms.

…by the way – all this happened to me :).

After this, i just needed to get off the train – so i exited at Jaipur, paid $5 to use a hot shower and nice bed for a nap, saw the Hawa Mahal and now I sit in nice calm little holy oasis of  a desert town: Pushkar. I have an exciting sweaty couple days coming up, but I’ll make my way back to the mountains soon!

Love and miss you all!


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