In five days, one fourth of the year will be over. Three months of living…not just visiting, touring, or sightseeing in a foreign country… will be gone! Time is a crazy thing here in India; there is such a routine, yet things change everyday, so time seems to go by quickly even when the days last forever. Kolkata seems like a kind of home, but I don’t know if I feel at home anywhere right now. School is school, home is a place to live in the summer and see family, and though I love India, it could never be my home. So right now, I feel kind of like a citizen of the world.

I am almost done with my last paper – then I have complete academic freedom! Not that it has been stressful – at all. Now I just have to worry about summer classes. Which, by the way I have been struggling to get into. In order to continue into the Nursing program, I have to take Microbiology and Physiology this summer – long story short, Mankato messed up and I might have to be there all summer instead of a month. I was freaking out for a bit, but then God was like “You know Alex, you always freak out about everything, but it always works out for good, even if it wasn’t your original plan.” So I decided to chill and wait – if the professors let me into their full class, which would be awesome. If not, well, maybe God has a plan for me in Kato. I watched Seven Years in Tibet and the Dalai Lama said “If you can fix it, then don’t worry about it. If you can’t fix it, then it is not worth worry about. So stop worrying!” I really need to take that to heart sometimes…I mean all the time.

For the first time, I counted days. By the time Molly, Peter, Katie, Laule’a and I go our separate ways, I will be ¾ done with all my travels. The 8th of April doesn’t seem that far away. Time is a precious thing…and it always seems to disappear when we want to keep it, and stick around when we want it to pass. Saturday the 28th is my last day at Kalighat, and I am leaving with mixed feelings. I have loved working there; being able to care for those who are suffering physically, and loving those emotionally, has been amazing. I love the connections I have made with other volunteers from around the world…but I feel a little incomplete. I know the others will miss their service more than I will – they were able to form emotional connections to the children and they know the kids will miss them. My departure is more difficult for me knowing the women I spent so much time with really have no idea who I am; their minds are as lost as we were in Delhi our first day in India. But I loved them all the same.

So off to travels I go, starting April 1st – hopefully my love package gets here by then! My parents sent one on the 12th and it is still in customs L I don’t have exact plans for the whole trip but here is a general out line

Sikkim (with Molly and Peter) 4th – 10th
Darjeeling 11 – 13th
Varanasi 15th – 17th

Uttarkhand (rishikesh, valley of the flowers)
Mc Leod Ganej (dalai lama)
Amritsar (golden temple)

That is where I will be if you don’t hear from me till April 28th when I fly out of Delhi! But I am sure I will have time to give you updates – especially pictures! Can’t wait to see you all when I get home. J Your prayers have been a blessing on this trip – please continue to pray for me as I set out to travel!


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